Writing the Road of Loss, from Grief to Growth

My mother died suddenly of acute bronchial pneumonia in June 2008. I was nineteen. We didn’t have the best relationship; sometimes I’d ignore her constant calls for weeks. Our last conversation, the day before her death, was about bacon. I was drunk when I faced the funeral arrangements, the cremation, and the weeks of griefContinue reading “Writing the Road of Loss, from Grief to Growth”

Book Review: Shoot the Messenger by John Dorsey

I’ve been reading John Dorsey for nearly a decade and have had the privilege of seeing this poet perform many times in Toledo, Ohio. I’ve been haunted by his words—stories of ghosts, of friends, of towns—and often wondered what it must feel like to be loved by John Dorsey. In the Shoot the Messenger’s firstContinue reading “Book Review: Shoot the Messenger by John Dorsey”