A Myriad of Roads That Lead to Here: A Novelette

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“Equipped with a copy of Walden, notebooks of Buddhist philosophy, and a loyal friend, a young man seeks an adventure of freedom and independence with a cross country hitchhiking trip to the ocean where he hopes to recover from the death of his mother. Thinking that a myriad of roads will lead him to his destination, he learns it’s a simple road of family ties that gives him all the grounding and connection he really needs.”
–Jane Bradley, author of You Believers

“This is a road trip journey that opens the heart, breaks the heart, makes us laugh and weep, then laugh again.”
–Alma Luz Villanueva, author of Song of the Golden Scorpion

“This novella provides readers who have experienced loss an opportunity to see their own feelings of confusion, fear, and disorientation reflected in a character’s search for rightness in a world that feels anything but.”
–Cleaver Magazine (Read Full Review Here)

“I read this first work by Nathan Elias with great pleasure. I predict for him a bright future.”
–Kyle Minor, author of Praying Drunk