New Prose Poems:

Ghost Ghazal in Prose after the Marriage
South Broadway Ghost Society

To My Son and Only Child: Your Mother is Close to Fading
X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine

The One You Love Most
MockingHeart Review

My Mother’s Jewelry Box
Eureka Literary Magazine

Isolation Distance
Eureka Literary Magazine

Self-Portrait as Ghost with Dementia
South Broadway Ghost Society

Poems from Glass City Blues:

Learning to Drown
Spry Literary Journal

Body Work
Poems-for-All (Print)

Silver Halide
Poems-for-All (Print)

The Cliffs of Palos Verdes
Literary Yard

Level Three Emergency
Cacti Fur

Night Ride Along the River
Stonecoast Review

Ghost of a Toledo Girl
Rust + Moth

Playing Your Old Guitar on the Fourth of July
The Literary Nest

2 Poems (“Aboard the Sunset Limited” and “Cutter’s Remorse”)
Drunk in a Midnight Choir

2 Poems (“There Are Nights I Lie” and “Urn”)
Philosophical Idiot

A Shallow Argument at Venice Beach
Drunk Monkeys

The Burning Valley Midwest Twenty-Three
Literary Orphans
The Mill

Glass City Blues
Red Fez
The Beatnik

Throwing Rocks At Cars, 1996
Red Fez

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