Coverage of Glass City Blues: Poems in Toledo City Paper: “Nathan Elias’ Poetry Brings It Back Home”:

Nathan Interviewed at The Bookends Review’s Podcast: “In this episode of ‘Cover to Cover’, Editor-in-Chief Jordan Blum chats with Elias about his writing and acting, as well as working for Jennifer Lopez, yielding introspection from traveling, and more.”

Nathan Interviewed at The Chapbook Interview on the Process of Building a Chapbook of Poems and a Chapbook Novelette

Nathan Interviewed at Literary Orphans regarding Glass City Blues:

Nathan Interviewed on Writescast Podcast regarding the release of Glass City Blues: Poems: “POETRY AND WRITING ACROSS MEDIA”: “Writer extraordinaire Nathan Elias juxtaposes writing poetry with other formats, including screenplays, novels, and short stories.” –

Cleaver Magazine Review of A Myriad of Roads that Lead to Here:

Nathan Elias press about The Chest short film:

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