5.1.20 – Prose Poem, “Praying in the Motel Outside of Joshua Tree“, published in Pithead Chapel‘s May 2020 issue.

4.27.27 – Glass City Blues: Poems featured in “13 GREAT BOOKS BY GLASS CITY AUTHORS”.

4.5.20 – Prose Poem, “Praying in the Motel Outside of Joshua Tree”, accepted by Pithead Chapel for publication in the May 2020 issue.

3.13.20 – Novel, The Coil, the Quake, and the Rift, announced to be published by Montag Press in late 2020.

3.1.20 – Flash Fiction Piece, “The Reincarnations“, published in the March 2020 issue of Linden Avenue Literary Journal.

2.28.20 – Prose Poem, “Learning to Fix That Which is Broken”, accepted by PROEM for the Spring 2020 issue (forthcoming).

2.11.20 – Flash Fiction Piece, “The Reincarnations”, accepted for publication by Linden Avenue Literary Journal for the March 2020 issue.

1.1.20 – Short Story, “The Alligator Theory”, published in Best Short Stories from The Saturday Evening Post Great American Fiction Contest 2020.

12.27.19 – Prose Poem, “Ghost Ghazal in Prose after the Marriage”, published in South Broadway Ghost Society.

12.20.19 – Short story, “The Alligator Theory”, announced as a finalist in The Saturday Evening Post’s 2020 Great American Fiction Contest. Forthcoming in Best Short Stories from The Saturday Evening Post Great American Fiction Contest 2020.

8.7.19 – Prose Poem / Flash Fiction, “To My Son and Only Child: Your Mother is Close to Fading”, published in X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine.

7.7.19 – One flash fiction / prose poem accepted to X-R-A-Y Magazine (forthcoming).

7.1.19 – Prose poem, “The One You Love Most”, published in MockingHeart Review.

5.25.19 – Two prose poems, “My Mother’s Jewelry Box” and “Isolation Distance” published in print in the Spring 2019 issue of Eureka Literary Magazine.

5.19.19 – One prose poem accepted to MockingHeart Review (forthcoming July 1).

5.6.19 – Prose Poem, “Self-Portrait as Ghost with Dementia”, published in South Broadway Ghost Society.

4.30.19 – One prose poem accepted to South Broadway Ghost Society (forthcoming).

4.16.19 – Two prose poems accepted to ELM Magazine (forthcoming).

3.28.19 – Nathan will be a Featured Poet, Reading @ The Dali Museum’s Poetry at The Dali series in St. Petersburg, FL, May 9, 2019 @6-730pm.

2.13.19 – Nathan will be teaching Storytelling: The Art of Craft Fiction with Keep St. Pete Lit in St. Petersburg, FL. April 6 & April 20, 2019. 

1.23.19 – Nathan will be Featured Author, Reading at The Studio@620 with Wordier Than Thou in St. Petersburg, FL. April 16, 2019 @7-9pm.

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